Tailwind Gradient Collection

Discover a variety of beautiful Tailwind gradients to use in your websites, web apps, projects and designs. Plus, if you'd like to get a weekly newsletter with cool frontend development resources, you can subscribe below.

Tailwind Gradients

Pastel Gradients

How to Use These Tailwind Gradients

To get started, simply take a look through the gradients and if there is one you'd like to copy, simply click the "Copy Tailwind Classes" button underneath the gradient. The classes will then be copied to your clipboard, and you can add these to your Tailwind project to add a beautiful gradient to your site or web app!

Where These Could Be Incorporated

You could add these to the backdrop of login screens, signup screens, landing pages and so much more. The pastel gradients would also add a lovely, subtle effect to the background of web pages. I'd definitely recommend trying outsome of the various gradients available here to see which work best for your website or project.

These Tailwind gradient CSS classes could be used for buttons or text too. Gradient buttons look fabulous, and what better way to add a decorative touch to your UI than with a cool set of gradient buttons! There are lots of various effects you could create, as well as hover effects too.

Creating Variations

If there is a gradient you like, I would also recommend trying out different color stops as well as different gradient directions, such as:

By updating this class, the gradient direction will be updated, leading to cool variations of the original gradient!

Discover more effects

If you'd like to try out animated particle backgrounds, I would recommend taking a look at my background pack library. In addition, I'll also be creating more useful resources in the coming months as part of Isotope UI's resource kit. These gradients will also be available in the Isotope Editor, so keep an eye out for that when it launches! I'd definitely recommend subscribing to my newsletter if you'd like to receive a weekly roundup of the best tools, tricks and tips about frontend and web development.