For React, Angular, Vue, HTML5 and more

100+ web backgrounds for your next project

Kickstart your next project with our selection of 100+ web backgrounds. Transform your landing pages and signup screens in seconds, and save time building your next project.

Animated particle backgrounds
Animated SVG waves
Mesh gradients
Fully responsive
Optimized for performance
Works with all frameworks
Pixel-crisp backgrounds
No need to fetch images
Available as SVGs or CSS

Choose from over 100 backgrounds and 7 types

Animated Particles
Mesh Gradients
Pastel Gradients
SVG Waves
... plus get over 100 more backgrounds and variations in the pack, which you can quickly export and add to your website too.


Transform your website in seconds

With over 100 CSS, SVG, and particle backgrounds to choose from, you can transform your site's pages almost instantly. Just copy and paste your favourite backgrounds, and it's live!

Animated particles

We have a great selection of animated particle backgrounds, perfect for landing heros, signup screens and more!

Increase customer engagement

Animated particles can help increase customer engagement and increase time spent on-site.

27 particle templates

Our library of templates is continually updating with new ones added all the time.


Get 50+ backgrounds

Our core library uses the latest Web Component technology.


Our backgrounds can be used anywhere, with any framework, including React, Angular, or just vanilla JS apps.


Backgrounds are pixel-crisp and incredibly performant. No need to fetch a large video or image from your server to display a background!


Just copy and paste

Simply find the background you want, and just copy and paste to add it to your site.

Save time

Our backgrounds are designed to be set-up quickly and easily.

Quick setup

Add a new background to your website in seconds, just copy and paste!


New backgrounds always being added

We're always updating our library of templates, so new backgrounds are always being added.

Get lifetime access to an ever-growing library

By purchasing a pass, you'll get access to our ever-growing library of templates and backgrounds.

Snag the deal now before prices go up

Purchase your pass to the library now, and get lifetime access before the prices go up.



Use in any web framework
Responsive on every device
Fast and performant
Pixel crisp, no need to fetch assets from a server
Quickly include in your project
Copy and paste in seconds

Works on every device

Over 2,000 developers have used our backgrounds. They can't be wrong!

Our interactive web background creator, Inixia, has been used by over 2,000 developers and counting!

See how Isotope's backgrounds can transform a landing page

Before and After

Our interactive web background creator, Inixia, has been used by over 2,000 developers and counting!

100+ backgrounds to use in your personal or commercial projects

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Use in unlimited personal and commercial websites, apps and web projects

Get over 100 animated, SVG and CSS backgrounds to use in your projects

E-mail support

Get all future updates and new backgrounds

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Use in website themes, website builders, WordPress themes etc

Use in unlimited commercial and personal websites, apps and web projects

E-mail support

Get all future updates and new backgrounds

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Here's what you'll get with your purchase:

What you'll get

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30+ animated particle backgrounds to help increase customer engagement

30+ mesh gradients using the latest design trends

20+ pre-built landing heros with SVG waves and animated waves

Access to a growing library of website background assets

New backgrounds being added monthly

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